Clinical perspectives

Video and podcast series: unique perspectives from leading experts and patients living with PBC.

Filter – Clinical Perspectives

Walking the path of PBC: navigating symptoms and QoL

David Jones meets with patient and patient advocate Mo Christie as they discuss the patient experience for PBC, including the burden of the disease and its impact on quality of life, with special reference to the common, and commonly misunderstood symptom, itch.

The evolving landscape of PBC: new therapies and future directions

Kris Kowdley and David Jones share their insights on the evolving landscape of PBC, including new and upcoming therapy options, and how these may change practice for the disease.

Barriers and symptoms burden: the unmet needs in PBC

Drs Marlyn Mayo and Gideon Hirschfield discuss the unmet needs in PBC management, highlighting the significant burden that symptoms pose for patients, the importance of monitoring and a patient-centric management approach offering insights into what might lie ahead in 2024.

The Liver Meeting 2023 – updates to the current landscape

Dr Palak Trivedi joins Dr Gideon Hirschfield to explore pivotal insights from The Liver Meeting 2023. Together, they highlight crucial updates, unveil novel findings, and deliver a concise overview of the current landscape of PBC.


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