Improving PBC outcomes by prioritizing patient's needs

Living with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), a chronic progressive liver disease, poses unique challenges, especially for patients with high-risk or very symptomatic disease. PBC is an intricate disorder and requires a complex management approach, whereby early identification of high-risk individuals and those who are candidates for second-line treatments, could significantly improve disease outcomes.

Working with our expert faculty Dr Gideon Hirschfield, Dr Palak Trivedi and Dr Marlyn Mayo, we offer news reports covering key data released during The Liver Meeting 2023, and three clinical comment short video interviews with leading experts discussing the highlights of The Liver Meeting, covering data relevant to PBC and the wider clinical implications of this data for daily practice. This will shortly be followed by two clinical perspective videos summarizing the data and novel information presented during The Liver Meeting 2023, highlighting the current unmet needs and challenges in PBC and what we can expect in 2024.


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